The Ministry for Economy and Industry together with the Malta Digital Innovation Authority hosted the conference Building Trust in Innovative Technologies in December 2021.

During the event, the services offered by the MDIA were explained in detail, namely the Technology Assurance Sandbox and the Certification Programme.

Moreover, the Technology Assurance Assessment Framework was discussed, addressing the need for such a change, what legal and regulatory changes are required and provided insight on EU developments on the matter.

During the same conference, separate panels discussed the proposed EU AI Act and its impact on Malta, and the pilot projects and research projects related to Malta’s National AI Strategy.


The presentations used during the Building Trust in Innovative Technologies conference can be found below:

Technology Assurance Sandbox (by Prof. Gordon Pace)

Certification Programme (by MDIA’s CRO Trevor Sammut)

Technology Assurance Assessment Framework (by MDIA’s CTO Ing. Efrem Borg)


The MDIA held two online public consultation sessions in relation to the Technology Assurance Assessment Framework in January 2022. The respective presentations can be accessed below:

Business and Technology (by Ing. Efrem Borg and Johnny Chalikiopoulos)

Legal and Regulatory (by Dr Paul Micallef Grimaud)