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MDIA showcased Malta’s AI Strategy at World Summit AI

15 October 2019 Posted by News & Events 0 thoughts on “MDIA showcased Malta’s AI Strategy at World Summit AI”

The Malta Digital Innovation Authority (MDIA), together with the Parliamentary Secretariat for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation,, and Malta Enterprise, was in Amsterdam for the World Summit AI from 9-10 October, showcasing Malta’s strategy and vision for Artificial Intelligence (AI) to key stakeholders on an international platform.

World Summit AI is one of the world’s leading events for the entire AI ecosystem, looking into the wide-ranging AI-related areas: from enterprise to big tech, startups, investors and scientists, whilst addressing the most burning issues in the field.

The participation in the summit followed the launch of the Strategy and Vision for AI in Malta 2030, by the Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation Hon Silvio Schembri during Delta Summit 2019.

MDIA CEO Stephen McCarthy commented:

“Applying a vetting process to AI software will make Malta the first country in the world to actually certify artificial intelligence as trustworthy. Software assurance is key as AI is expected to become the most transformative general purpose technology of our era. Taking our vision to the World Summit AI in Amsterdam enabled us to engage with global stakeholders to turn our vision into a reality.”

The vision is for Malta to become “The Ultimate AI Launchpad”, creating conditions for AI to springboard from Malta to the rest of the world. The Malta.AI Taskforce, chaired by MDIA CTO Wayne Grixti, together with Working Groups, and a vast array of stakeholders having an extensive range of expertise, worked towards developing a National AI Strategy that aims to create a lasting and positive impact on Malta’s citizens and businesses. The MDIA has been tasked with the responsibility for the monitoring and governance of the strategy’s implementation.

The MDIA also published a set of guidelines for public consultation at the Delta Summit, which aim at assisting Service Providers and Innovative Technology Arrangements applicants when approaching the MDIA for AI related certification. It will be the world’s first national AI certification programme aiming for AI solutions to be developed in an ethically aligned, transparent and socially responsible manner.

The consultation documents are divided into four chapters referred to as the MDIA Guidance Notes. These chapters include the AI ITA Guidelines, the AI System Auditor Control Objectives, the AI ITA Nomenclature, and the AI ITA Blueprint Guidelines.

The MDIA invites members of the public, industry and academia to provide feedback on these consultation documents. This feedback will inform the MDIA’s recommendations on Malta’s approach to establishing ethical and trustworthy AI.

The consultation period is open to the public until 01 November 2019. Interested parties are requested to submit their comments and feedback by email to

The consultation documents can be accessed here:

MDIA issues the first accreditation of Systems Auditors of Innovative Technology Arrangements

5 April 2019 Posted by News & Events 0 thoughts on “MDIA issues the first accreditation of Systems Auditors of Innovative Technology Arrangements”

The Malta Digital Innovation Authority (MDIA), in a world first, has today, issued the accreditation of the first Systems Auditors (SAs) which applied for registration. The approved Systems Auditors will be listed on the official website of MDIA. The accreditation of SAs will serve as a seal of approval that certifies that they are fit and proper, and has the necessary technical skills, aptitude, capability as well as experience, to handle systems audits related to Innovative Technology Arrangements (ITAs).

A SA is a service provider under the Innovative Technology Arrangements and Services (ITAS) Act. Accredited Systems Auditors will carry out system reviews and will come up with an opinion on the management, security and functional correctness of ITAs. The SAs must abide by the guidelines and control objectives which are published by the MDIA. These objectives have been designed with the aim to assist the SA through an Audit Framework for ITAs. Furthermore, they build upon five key principles, being: security, processing integrity, availability, confidentiality and protection of personal data. It is through such certification by MDIA, which although not mandatory on the applicant, that a new service to operators is being provided, giving them the additional peace of mind and a certificate from a legislatively recognised European central authority.

The opinion of the Systems Auditors is key for the MDIA to issue certification to ITAs. ITA Applicants may approach the MDIA, on a voluntary basis, to certify their products to promote them to the world that they are fit for purpose and meeting the standards of the MDIA, an Authority that is a first of its kind. Through certification the Authority aims to foster safer usage and protect users of innovative technology and thus more adoption, whilst at the same time increasing the prospects for investment in innovative technology and therefore, creating solid opportunity.

Mr. Stephen McCarthy, CEO of the MDIA, commented that “this is another step in positioning Malta at the forefront of technological innovation and in creating a “cutting edge hub” for digital economy. MDIA will play an important role in instilling trust and certainty in systems governed by innovative technology. Whilst today we are listing the first SAs, in the coming weeks we will be issuing further accredited SAs once we ascertain that pending applications are fully in line with the guidelines we have issued in November. This is surely another milestone for Malta as the blockchain island”.

Bolenum Platform

17 February 2019 Posted by Warning 0 thoughts on “Bolenum Platform”

The Malta Digital Innovation Authority (MDIA) has become aware of an entity that is promoting a project called Bolenum which is known to have an internet presence at The MDIA is hereby declaring that it has no connection with the said project nor entity and has never entertained any discussions. Any reference to the MDIA is thus false and misleading.

Launch of Consultation Process to start registering service providers and blockchain applications

2 October 2018 Posted by News & Events 0 thoughts on “Launch of Consultation Process to start registering service providers and blockchain applications”

Launch of consultation process by Malta Digital Innovation Authority to start registering service providers and blockchain applications—“A step closer for the authority to start regulating DLT Technology” – Silvio Schembri

The Malta Digital Innovation Authority (MDIA)  has launched a consultation process to start registering service providers and to certify blockchain applications.

The consultation process will be divided into 4 stages:

  • The first consultation document published today pertains to the System Auditor Guidelines. These guidelines outline the requirements for Systems Auditors  registered with the Authority to carry out audits on blockchain applications.
  • The second consultation document is on Innovative Technology Arrangement Guidelines which sets out the requirements to certify DLT Platforms and Smart Contracts.
  • The third consultation document consists of the Technical Administrator Guidelines and outlines the requirements for the entity responsible to maintain and oversee the Technology Arrangements to safeguard user protection.
  • Lastly, the fourth consultation document relates to the Resident Agent Guidelines which obliges non-Maltese companies/individuals to engage a person residing in Malta for their operations.

Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation Silvio Schembri said that the guidelines that are now up for consultation will set the groundworks to put words into action for this new regulator to start operating effectively. “As a government we are ready to listen to what the public has to say and we are determined to strengthen what has been presented for the benefit of all.”

The Chief Executive Officer for the Malta Digital Innovation Authority Stephen McCarthy said that the guidelines will set out the proposed way of working and benchmarks for Systems Auditors, Technical Administrators, Resident Agents and for the certification of Innovate Technology Arrangements. “Undoubtedly, the introduction of these guidelines will be another milestone in establishing Malta as the blockchain island”, said McCarthy.

Throughout this extensive consultation process, the Malta Digital Innovation Authority will be seeking feedback on each chapter. The documents can be accessed at

MDIA unveiled at DELTA Summit

29 September 2018 Posted by News & Events 0 thoughts on “MDIA unveiled at DELTA Summit”

As part of the county’s commitment to put Malta at the forefront of all technological advancements, Hon. Parliamentary Secretary Silvio Schembri, shall be unveiling the Malta Digital Innovations Authority (MDIA), for the first time at DELTA Summit – Malta’s official blockchain and digital innovations conference. Led by the new CEO, Mr.Stephen McCarthy, MDIA is the first ever Authority to be established in order to draft, regulate and manage all digital innovations.

Systems Auditor Guidelines

25 September 2018 Posted by Public Consultation 0 thoughts on “Systems Auditor Guidelines”

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